Preparing Packaging Stations For The Holidays

Any holiday season is a time of hassle for businesses as they have to deal with an influx of orders. No company can formulate and implement a packaging strategy to fulfill orders during holidays. Anything to do should be done well ahead of time to avoid any implications of hastiness.

One of the ways to meet consumer demands before holidays is to turn a brick-and-mortar store into a distribution center. That’s where the concept of packaging stations comes in.

With holidays approaching, companies have to make necessary adjustments to their packaging stations to adapt to changed consumer behaviors.

Increase in volume

Holidays result in an increased volume of product orders. According to an estimate, most e-retailers sell 80%-90% of their product during holiday seasons. It means that they have to deal with an extraordinary amount of packaging work to fulfill those orders.

To meet packaging demands, first, you need to determine the amount of packaging material you need. For this purpose, you will first have to look at the amount of material you used the previous year. Then you will have to include an increase in orders and promotions. If you are a new business, you will have to look at the industry stats to determine how much material you will need.

Top-selling SKUs

Some products tend to become top-selling units during holidays. These products may be the ones you sell with promotions and offers. You can look at these SKUs to determine the amount of packaging material you will need during the holiday season. After determining the type of packaging you need, order for more than you need to avoid any shortage.

Bulk orders

Some people place bulk orders for several reasons. They will buy multiple units of the same product during holidays. Some companies also offer discounts and other perks on bulk orders during holidays. Consumers find it a good idea to get several units of such products ahead of time and send them as gifts during holidays.

When you see that people order one of your products in bulk, you have to make sure to use the right boxes or envelopes to accommodate these orders. Make sure that the product fits well inside the box or envelope.

Gift wrap

If you are selling a product that naturally fits in the category of a gift, you can offer special gift packaging for this product during the holidays. This way, you can make an additional amount of money on your orders without having any undesirable impact on your bottom line. This way of product packaging can help improve your consumers’ lives.

You can add a gift message to the packaging of such products to improve the consumer experience. If you want to add gift wrapping to the packaging process of one of your products, you will have to equip your packaging station with gift wrapping equipment. That will help your staff to deal with an influx of orders without slowing down.


While you will get most of your orders well ahead of the holidays, there will be last-minute shoppers coming in to purchase your products. Be ready to serve those customers as well.

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Benefits Of Working With A Contract Packaging Company

The time of product packaging being considered an afterthought is long gone. Now, the packaging process has become as crucial as the product manufacturing itself. A significant reason for that is the rising trend of using product packaging for branding purposes. Product protection, however, remains the primary concern.

When you are packaging products, you have to pay attention to details. Working on these details allows you to tailor the product packaging right according to your specific needs. This process involves planning, designing, and ensuring the functionality of the product packaging. The packaging process specifically includes a careful selection of outer packaging supplies and void-fill. The supply chain-related aspect involves fulfillment and shipping.

In simple words, you will have to work on a lot of things to ensure an effective packaging and shipping procedure. Working on this entire procedure is hard for many companies. That’s where the concept of contract packaging comes in.

What is contract packaging?

Contract packaging refers to the concept of outsourcing packaging operations to dedicated packers. The top benefit of this approach is that it allows companies to focus on other aspects of businesses without having to worry about the supply chain. Packaging, fulfillment, and shipping are taken care of by those dedicated companies.

The packaging contract includes everything from materials to equipment to labor. These contract companies source materials and use equipment and labor for product packing. They then take care of the fulfillment and shipping procedure too. Their state-of-the-art systems and highly professional staff avoid downtimes and every other pitfall that can slow down a packaging line. It means your packages will be ready and sent to customers without delays or other problems. You can enter into a contract with a co-packer regardless of the size of your company.

Saving money

Packaging costs are quite a concern for most businesses out there. Working with a contract packaging company, however, can help you save a significant amount of money. You will not have to buy machinery to set up a packaging line and maintain a warehouse. You will not have to pay for labor work. All these savings can help improve your bottom line quite significantly.

Another way you can save money by working with a contract packaging company is that you will not be the one taking care of packaging line malfunctions and other technical issues. Co-packers can take care of downtimes and other issues expertly, ensuring maximum efficiency of operations.

Access to resources

If you are packing your products yourself, you may find it pretty hard to access all necessary resources. You will have to keep track of the industry-best packaging suppliers to make sure you never run out of quality supplies. Contract packaging companies provide you with much-needed relief in this regard. They maintain working relationships with the best suppliers in the industry, allowing you to focus on other crucial matters related to business development and growth.

Working with a contract packaging company is beneficial in a lot of aspects. You get your products packed and shipping to your customers more seamlessly.

Getting Prepared Before the Movers Arrive

You may have heard success stories about relocation along with the frequent scary ones. And then, you may tend to think that the successful ones may have involved highly professional movers or precise organizing by the people who would move to the new homes.

There is a whole lot of content available regarding how to hire professional movers. You can do it by searching online, looking at reviews, contacting the satisfied customers and asking references from your closed ones. However, the tougher task is still to be done. You will need to be prepared before the movers arrive. The reason I called this task tougher is that you need to be organized from the day one after deciding that you are going to move to the new home. Nevertheless, you can work to get organized to make the entire preparation phase quite convenient for you.

In this article, we are going to discuss about how you can get organized and make the entire process easy for you.

Consider de-cluttering

If you want to more to the new home without any stress, you need to make sure that you are moving only those items which you are going to need in the new home. The matter of fact is that moving can even help you shift to the minimalistic lifestyle.

You need to know about the things that cannot be moved

There are a few things that your movers will simply refuse to move. For instance, you will need to move your pets and plants by yourself. Moreover, perishable foods and motor oils should be used up or given away to the friends before you move.

Create an inventory

It is quite important to create a detailed inventory before you move. Creating an inventory doesn’t only help you in keeping the items organized but your movers will also know what goes where. You should also list the serial numbers of the electronic items with their brand names and model types in the inventory list.

Proceed with the process while ensuring proper cleanliness

You will not like to do anything if there is a mess of items. It means that you are going to need to ensure proper cleanliness while packing. Separate old items from the new ones.  Moreover, you will need to make sure that you have cleaned the areas after you have emptied them from the items you are about to pack.


While packing your items in the boxes, you will need to label the boxes. The labels mainly provide information about contents in the boxes and that where the boxes need to head to. Color coding is the simplest way to tell the movers about the right places of the boxes.

Do proper measurements for the bigger items

While can surely move your bigger items out of the current home, you have to make sure that the doors and corridors of the new home are high and wide enough to allow safe passage of those bigger items. For this purpose, you need to measure your items first and then you can visit the new home to take measurements of the pathways.

5 Ideas for Crafting with Your Partner

Let’s be honest, getting crafty with your wife, husband, significant other, soul mate, or what have you is something that is great for growing together, expressing yourselves, and simply bonding together. Even if you also consider yourself as uncreative as me, you can do these few things to bond with bae and have lots of fun doing it, too.

Prepare your crafting area

You don’t want paint, glue, and paper scraps everywhere on your nice hardwood table, do you? Buying some sort of cheap plastic tablecover will protect your furniture (and even the floor). This also saves you a lot of time during the cleanup process.

Do something you both agree on

Whether you choose to paint silly portraits of one another together, create ornaments for the holidays, or string together some cheap friendship bracelets, just make sure you’re both having fun and it’s an activity you can both do, not just one of you.

Don’t be afraid to be cheap

There’s no reason to spend a lot on art supplies or specific, high-dollar tools and paint when you can use a lot that you have around the house already. You’d be surprised at what all you can get out of your assortment of things at home, such as shipping supplies: scissors, packaging tape, cardboard boxes, and bubble wrap are all things that you could use to get crafty together.

Keep the time to a minimum

I think we all seem to think that craft time requires a lot of time to think, do, refine, and clean up. You should really only spend time setting up, getting at it, and cleaning up. Art is messy and art is fun because it’s messy. Don’t overthink whatever it is you’re doing, as you may be less interested in doing it again with your special someone in the future. Spend no more than 30 minutes doing something and get to cleaning up.

Just have fun!

Don’t stress about the mess. And don’t even begin to worry about the time or think about the next project. The whole point should be to have fun together and encourage one another to have fun. Bonding and laughing and being creative together is very beneficial for your relationship.

No matter how much you lack creativity, it’s easy to set aside time to just do something new and hands-on with old shipping supplies. You’ll both enjoy the experience and grow together.